Top 5 Commonly Asked Questions


1. I sent myself a text message but I haven't received it yet. What's going on? 

Please text the word "HELP" to your short code. If you receive back a message saying
to call us, please try another text to your phone, as it should now work. If you don't receive a message back or receive a message saying “Service Access Denied” you'll need to contact your carrier and ask them to remove what’s called a short code block, which they will be able to do in no time.

2. The system is not accepting my contact list. Why is that?

Files that are formatted as XLS, XLSX and CSV are accepted. Each row represents a single contact. It's best to place your phone numbers in the first column followed optionally by fields a first name, last name, email, note. As long as you have the information formatted correctly, you should be good to go!

3. Can I send out a message longer than 160 characters?

As long as you’re on the Pay & Go plan or any paid monthly plan you can send what’s called an MMS, providing not only the option to use up to 1,600 characters per text but also the option to include a picture directly in the text, and at no extra cost.

4. What is a Keyword? 

A Keyword is a powerful marketing tool to not only get opted in consent from potential recipients but also to build your contact list. Any number that texts your Keyword to your short code will be automatically saved to your account. They will also immediately receive an auto reply which you can edit, tailored to suit your organization. Curious about tailoring that custom response to include a fully automatic marketing campaign, call or chat in for more info!

5. Can I pick the short code/phone number it comes from?

Unfortunately, you cannot pick the short code from which your messages come as our system utilizes a shared short code to send out texts. You do have the option to rent one of our ten-digit numbers but texts can only be sent to one contact at a time. If using the short code to send group texts, however, we always recommend you put your business/organization’s name in the subject line so that it comes up at the top of the text and in (parenthesis), like a header.


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