Sending Your MMS Message


Sending Your MMS Message

This article will walk you through uploading your MMS media to your EZ Texting account. Please note the notes below regarding file size limitations and compression resources. 

Need tips for creating an editing images to use for MMS? Check out our photo guide for Making the Multimedia.

  1. Click Send Text & MMS Message on the left navigation panel. The Send A Group Text Message page appears.
  2. In the Send to Group(s) section, select one or more group(s) to send the message to, if necessary. Click here for information on groups.
  3. To send the message to a single telephone number, enter a number in the Single Number field.
  4. Enter a Subject for the message, if necessary.
  5. In the What Type of Message Would You Like To Send drop-down menu, choose MMS Message (BETA). You will then be able to upload a new file by clicking the Upload New File button or attach a previously uploaded file by clicking Select From Library. Choose the file you’d like to attach. You can also write a message in the Message box if needed. The counter field displays the number of characters you have left. If you go over this counter limit, your message will be truncated. There is a 1,600-character limit for an MMS Message.
  6. To schedule the message to be sent at a future time, click the Schedule Delivery text field and select the date and time you want the message to be sent. You should first confirm that your time zone is correct.
  7. Click Continue. The message preview appears. To edit the message, click Edit.
  8. To send the message, click Send Message. A message appears with message status information.


Media File Size Limitations

Please note that the maximum file size for audio and video files is currently 500kb. Ez Texting will automatically compress image files that are larger than 500kb. However, audio or video files must be uploaded at a size of 500kb or smaller. Here are a couple of downloadable applications that may assist you with compressing your audio or video files to the 500kb limit.


Video File Compression Resources:


Audio File Compression Resources:

Please note that Ez Texting MMS is available with use of the U.S. short code (313131) only. MMS is not currently included in Free & Ez accounts.


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