Facebook Signup App


The EzTexting Facebook Signup App is a great addition to the array of EzTexting extras, allowing you to create a signup form to post to your Facebook Business page.

To utilize the EzTexting Facebook Signup app, first log in to your EzTexting.com account, expand the Advanced Features option from the left navigation menu, and choose the EzTexting Extras option.

On the EzTexting Extensions page, click on the Facebook button to begin the creation process.
If you're not already logged into your Facebook account, you'll be prompted to log in with your Facebook Username and Password.

First, you'll want to click the Set up your form button, which will prompt you to login again with your EzTexting Credentials.

When completed, you will be able to begin designing your signup form.

The first option, Allow visitors to choose which group(s) they join, allows you to choose if you wish to allow your contacts to pick the groups (of those you select) that they wish to be added to. If selecting no for this option, the contacts will simply be added to your EzTexting account in the group(s) you select.

Next, you'll want to choose the fields that you wish to display on the form. The fields chosen will prompt the user to enter their corresponding contact information. Only the Phone number is required; however, you can absolutely request first name, last name and email address if desired.

In the Signup Facebook Application Header, you'll compose the enticement message that the contact will see when first viewing your signup form. You can customize any message that you desire to prompt the contact to enter their information and submit.

For the Successful Signup Header option, compose the message that will be immediately displayed for the contact after they've successfully entered and submitted their information, opting in to your account.

As an additional option, you can choose to customize a Automatic Reply text message, which will be immediately sent to the contact upon their submission (opt in) of their contact details.

When completed with the above steps, you can preview the Signup Form, and then click the Share on Facebook button to post to the Facebook Business page you select.

For additional information and a step-by-step walk through, check out our getting started guide here: http://www.eztexting.com/getting-started/facebook


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