Polling And Voting Tips


Our Polling & Voting feature allows you to run Text-2-Vote campaigns using Keywords. As long as you have an active Keyword in your account, you can create a poll in a few quick steps. Voting is as simple as texting ‘PollKeyword Choice’ to our short code. If you had the Keyword MyVote and you wanted to ask people what color was the best - red, green or blue – your clients would text in entries like ‘MyVote Blue’

The first thing you’ll do is name your poll, choose an end date (you can leave your poll open-ended if you like), and set your choices. The poll module will automatically setup a Sub-Keyword for each choice in your poll. Other options include texting the winning result to all voters and allowing multiple votes per person. Once you start your poll you can watch the votes in real time. When the poll is over you can export the results as a CSV.

Want to learn more? Watch our training video.


Common Questions:

What if I don’t have any Keywords? You can setup a new Keyword to use with your poll.

What happens to my Keyword settings if I use an existing Keyword for my poll? Those settings are turned off for the duration of the poll. Polling relies on a Keyword and Sub-Keywords, so features like send-from-phone, API and preexisting sub-Keywords must be disabled.

If someone texts a vote into my poll who isn’t a contact, will they be added to my list? Yes – and when you setup your poll you can choose the group for poll entry opt-ins.


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