Make It / Market: CHALLENGE 1



1) Use an original image or you may download and/or purchase one from a stock image website. Here are a few stock Image sites we recommend: (free images) (low-cost images) (low-cost images)


2) You must add text to your image and your company name as part of your greeting. Learn how to add text to your image using free photo editing software in our 5-minute video:


You can also read the written instructions here


3) Your greeting must be related to Halloween and submitted no later than 10/31/15. If you make and submit the challenge according to the instructions, you'll receive 150 EZ credits! If you decide to also market the challenge as an actual MMS campaign, you'll receive an additional 200 bonus credits.*



Please copy the text below and paste it along with your answers and your image attachment in an email to


Please make your email subject: "MAKE IT / MARKET CHALLENGE 1"


Text to copy and paste for submission:

Your EZ Texting username:

Your first and last name:

Do you plan to market this MMS image?

May we use your image for future Make It / Market challenges or related marketing?*


* In order to receive "Market" credits, campaigns must be sent to at least 25 recipients.

** Please note that you will only receive a reply if your challenge is submitted according to the instructions. Good luck!








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